Monday, October 26, 2009

Go Ask Alice Doll and Plush Art Show

Paul Cumes Fine Art Gallery in Santa Barbara is having an art show with an Alice in Wonderland Theme. The show starts Friday December 5th and is open through January 7, 2010. As the title would suggest the show will be full of Alice in Wonderland inspired dolls and plushes. Here is a full press release.

Go Ask Alice Artists include- Yummy Pancake, 9-Kei, Jenny Harada, Heather Saunders/Needlings, Chris Creatures, Dan Levin,The Raggy Rat, Felt Mistress,   HamsterandHIPPO, Absolutely Small, Follow the White Rabbit, FuzFrenzyBeadDream, Plushroom Soup, Kate Savage, Little Critters, Children of Eve, IsGood, Leeanna Butcher, Scumptious Delights, Moon’s Creations ….and more!!!

They will be having a Mad Tea Party reception from 6 PM to 9 PM, Dec 5.


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