Friday, October 9, 2009

Lots of Alice Art and Let's Play

There is enough Alice in Wonderland art at this site to keep anyone occupied for hours. There is the inevitable Sir John Tenniel, but in addition there is fan art, photography, art from American McGee's Alice, and some NSFW art as well. All the art is posted with links back to the source, which is really nice. Posted above is Pool Of Tears, by Erin Kelso (aka bluefooted).

You kind of have to scroll down a lot to get to them, but here are pictures of Alice in Wonderland figurines that are pretty cool. These can be bought on Amazon in a four-pack, here: Alice in Wonderland 4-Pack Trading Figures

Let's Play:
If you've ever been curious about American McGee's Alice, but aren't into video games, you can watch an expert gamer named L0rdVega play the entire thing on YouTube. It kind of feels like cheating, but there it is.

Previously: Disney announces Alice in Wonderland game to be released 2010.

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