Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Correction on McGee's Return Trailer and News on the Soundtrack

First off, on Monday, I posted a trailer that was purported to be the new American McGee's Alice Returns trailer. American McGee posted on his blog that this is not the case. Sorry about that everyone. At the very least, I think American McGee's should check into hiring the guy who created it. He did a good job!

Next, a band named "All Time Low" will be supplying a track on the Alice 2010 Soundtrack. Anybody know anything about them?

Here's a screen grab from a cool iPhone game called Alice in Bomberland. From the previews I've seen, it looks pretty cool. Official site is here.

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Laura said...

All time low? They're like.. the same as all those other self declared "punk" bands. It's kind of like.. fall out boy? mixed with some panic at the disco but less catchy with a dash of a few other alternative bands mixed together. They're kinda catchy?