Monday, March 8, 2010

Games, Ticket Giveaway plus Alice Breaks Box Office Records

Now that Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 2010 is out, the next battlefield is video games. As we've noted before, Disney Interactive has created Alice in Wonderland games for the Wii, DS, and PC (get them here). Here is an interview with Tim Burton about the Alice games and his level of involvement with them.

Readers in the San Francisco Bay area will be interested in this giveaway for Alice in Wonderland tickets plus some kind of points they call "$Karma" points (if you know what these are please let us know in the comments!).

Over the weekend Alice in Wonderland 2010 brought in over $116 US. Here's an article that discusses these numbers as compared to previous films by Burton and Depp. ABC Family has acquired rights to the movie, which it looks like makes it so they will be the first to show it in 2012. That's a long wait!

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