Monday, March 29, 2010

Papercraft Mad Hatter, UK Events, and Philosophy

Another one I missed somehow in all the excitement. Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy. This is a book in a series which seeks to popularize philosophy by using pop culture as a frame of reference to discuss it (I'm guessing sort of like the Tao of Pooh did for Taoism.) It looks pretty interesting. Among the topics covered are: The nature of reality (Cheshire Cat), if you can make words mean whatever you want (Humpty Dumpty), and if Alice herself is a feminist icon.

A rather long list of Alice in Wonderland related kids events happening in the UK. This was found on a page where a Guardian writer tells about taking her daughter to see a Mad Hatter event at the Antony House in Cornwall, where parts of the Tim Burton movie were filmed.

Paper Wonderland has a papercraft of the American McGee's Alice video game Mad Hatter. (Thanks to Sylvie for sending me corrected information!)

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Sylvie said...

I would like to point out a correction, that paper model is by "The Paper Wonderland" blog and not the site you mentioned.

Dark Alice said...
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