Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Giveaway: Cheshire Cat Bobblehead and Alice Plush

Good news! I have a bunch of Alice in Wonderland bobbleheads and plushes which I will be giving away courtesy of FunKo. These are really cool. Here is the second batch. Like the last one I'm asking everybody to do a little something. This time to enter, write about a memory you have about Alice in Wonderland - either about one of the movies or a book. I have this memory of seeing the 1951 Disney movie and thinking that the talking flowers were really cool. I also remember the Tea Party where the Hatter and March Hare yell "No Room! No Room!"

What is up for grabs: A Funko Cheshire Cat Bobblehead and Alice Plush.

Who will win: One winner will be selected. To enter, write about a memory you have about Alice in Wonderland - either about one of the movies or a book. If you are logged in to Google make sure your email is visible in your profile. Otherwise make sure that you leave an email address. (I've been trying to find a way around this and can't. If anybody knows of a way to add an email field to the Blogger comment form, please let me know!) Entrants must live in the US or Canada (my apologies to everybody else).

When and how the winner will be chosen: The giveaway ends two weeks away at midnight, on Tuesday, March 23. The winner will be selected randomly using a random number generated by

Notification: Winner will be notified by email.

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Amy said...

ooo, how cute r these?! I'd love a chance to win one of them. I'm an avid Alice fan and create alot of Alice themed ATC's on my art blog.

A memory of Alice of mine would be that I have a book from my childhood that is a read along book with a small record..with original songs from the Disney movie. It's the cutest book with cute illustrations..Here is a cute quote from the book I think you will enjoy "Poor Alice! She was alone in Wonderland, where nothing was just what it seemed. (You know how things are in dreams!)"

Thanks again for the giveaway and can't wait to see the new movie.
hugs amy

cindy said...

eek! i would love to win!

i have had a long relationship with alice in wonderland in both book and movie form.

i remember being very young and seeing another animated version of it on nickelodeon...i've never seen it since, but i remember the pig and pepper part actually being in it which i thought was super cool in was sort of my first encounter with alice :)


katrinavh said...

though i don't remember this myself, i do have a photo of me at Disneyland--age 3 or 4--sitting on the ground looking up at an Alice actor on a bench. She's explaining something very important to me, apparently, as I've given her every ounce of my attention.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

My main memory is really seeing tim burton's version. I loved that red queen yelling "where are my fat boys?"

too funny!
lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Laura said...

My most memorable part from the disney movie when i was a kid was the mad hatters tea party. Every time alice picked up a cup to drink from it the hatter would yell "MOVE DOWN!" and then they'd all switch chairs and sing "move down move down move down mooove doowwwown!"
Still today when people say move over or move down i can't help but sing the song in my head while wanting to get up and jump from seat to seat :)

Not sure if my email is shown so
purple.mustard AT gmail (dot) com

anthy said...

I read Alice pretty late. I'm not sure why, but I never read either book as a child, even though I loved fantasy. But I picked them up in college, and read them on my Rocket eBook on the bus on the way to and from campus.

Boy, did the memories come rushing back during the movie! That Eat Me/Drink Me scene is directly from the book, and I shook my head when she didn't grab the key before drinking the potion...again!

Thank you very much for the giveaway - I really love that plush. :-)

anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

RiNNE said...

Oh my goodness! I want that Alice Plush!

Ok, my main memories of Alice in Wonderland were painting the roses red and that super awesome and wacky tea party!!

Thanks for the chance to win!

rn underscore corinne at yahoo dot com

RiNNE said...

Pick me, pick me!!! I just adore that Alice plush!

When I think of Alice in Wonderland, the memories that come to mind is the Disney cartoon! I remember the painted roses and Alice's shrinking and growing and shrinking and growing. After seeing the movie, I liked this version as well. Although I wish they made the tea party scene as BIG as the 1951's version. I did, however, appreciated the part when the Hare poured tea through a broken cup ...just like in the cartoon!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Yakaii said...

Awww I'd love to win!

Well, this is quite a fresh memory for me but I was became so excited when it happened! We went to see the new Tim Burton movie with my friend, and I wore an Alice themed sweet loli skirt. Three girls came up to us and told us that we looked awesome. They were beginner fashion designers and took pictures of us for a school project! :)

throuthehaze said...

A couple years ago some friends and I were hanging out and we had been up for nearly 24 hours, instead of going to sleep we all stayed up to watch Alice in Wonderland on the Disney channel. Here we are adults (and a bunch of macho guys), and we just couldn't resist watching it like a bunch of kids :)

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

These are adorable !

I remember my dad would always say , look ! A Cheshire Cat ! Every time we saw a striped cat.... and I would argue that it wasn't because it didn't smile !

seksi_missy at hotmail dot com

icitea said...

A memory of Alice, eh?

I think I wrote about this the last time you had an Alice giveaway, but -
As a child, Alice in Wonderland was my favorite Disney movie. I owned the vhs, and it would get played again, and again (and again). The scene with the talking flowers was my favorite. I also like the tea party scene; i can distinctly remember making 'cakes' and 'cupcakes' one afternoon? with those little plastic beads that iron flat as I watched the movie, except I stacked the beads to make the tiers of cakes-

and then I had a temper tantrum because my mom made me stop watching the movie to do something. In my fury my fists pulverized my creations, and I was so shellshocked I hide in my room and cried until it was dark. A bit childish, I know, but I was a child. And that is my memory.

good luck, everyone!

And I found this giveaway from vvb32's post.

le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

Winnie said...

Heya, thanks for this chance to win! I really like Alice, even though she has porcelain skin and blonde hair (unlike my Asian complexion), I find her story one of the most relatable of the Disney movies. I still daydream into lalaWonderland
As a child, I watched the cartoon on tape in VCR(!), and the scene where Alice walks through the garden is imprinted in my mind. First, there is calm music but then suddenly the shrubbery starts hitting her and the music changes to be ominous! It really scared me- I don't even understand exactly what happened! Now, coming back after ten years to see Burton's movie, I really appreciate how they made the movie appropriate to older audiences (I just turned 20 when the movie came out). I actually like the changed storyline, as some age-old moral themes of good and evil play out even beyond this world. Anyways, I digress, thanks and I enjoy your blog very much! ;)

Malisha said...

OMG!!!! that cheshire cat is the best!!! He's one of my fave characters ever!
When I was a kid, I watched Alice in wonderland every single day! I still know the lines! I can particularly remember the caterpillar singing AEIOU and "O R U??" even nowadays in my family when somebody asks something really dumb, we answer "OF THE MUSHROOM OF COURSE!!" but my really favourite characters were the momeraths!

I leave my e mail in case it doesnt appear: